Administrative consultant services for business professionals only when you need it.

Donna Natson, Owner 
Lead Consultant
So many business professionals are overwhelmed with their business--especially solopreneurs...they see the vision but it's like they are chasing the carrot on the string in front of them that they can never get to!  Sounds like you?  

Administratively yours can provide you with online business management and administrative consultant services. 

What does that mean to you?  It means you get to concentrate on what you really want to!  
As a service core value, AY collaborates with business leaders by identifying and valuing their business goals and helping to bring them into fruition.  Thus, our business tagline, 

"Your business dream is our reality..."

While you work on your core responsibilities, AY can handle your administrative and/or creative projects from social media, online marketing, virtual event planning to team development, project management and legal/administrative support.  Our services are provided virtually and only when you need it.


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